Health Skills: Allen Carr teaches you how to stop drinking without willpower


Drinking alcohol as common as cats walking on wet cement, we aren’t stopping and wondering why. This book is doing the thinking for you, it’s like a meditation on alcohol: about getting started with alcohol, the possible benefits of alcohol, and what might happen, if you stop drinking now.

After reading this book:

  • You will discover how alcohol seems to help you
  • You will discover how easy it is to stop drinking now
  • You will discover how willpower might work against you

Something specific I really like

I never wondered why I was drinking. If it is really benefiting me, or is it controlling me. Here are some benefits I thought I had: relaxing after a rough day and being more sociable (courage). According to the book, alcohol for enjoyment works in both ways. If it numbs the unpleasant feelings, it has to have the same effect on pleasant feelings. This means that doing fun things while drinking (socializing with friends, hobbies, TV, … ), might be half as powerful as it would doing them sober.

If you think critically about the second benefit of wanting to be more social, you discover that you end up losing the ability of reading the room. We think that we’re more interesting or have the courage to speak up, in reality we are talking over people and aren’t improving socially. If socializing causes us much pain, it might be a signal that we should deal with it, otherwise we won’t grow and stay social-alcoholics.

Another thing I really like

Quitting alcohol is easy, if you’re not using willpower to do it. Willpower creates temptations, as long as you continue to believe that you’re giving something up, you will always feel deprived. ToDrinking alcohol is an activity that is so common that we stopped thinking about Why we are doing it. make the matters worse, the most strong-willed people find it the hardest to quit by willpower, like presidents, movie stars, sports stars, writers, executives, etc. The stronger your willpower, the longer you will put yourself through the agony.

Quotes I want to remember

As long as you retain the desire to drink, you will suffer a feeling of deprivation when you stop. You will have to use willpower to fight this sense of deprivation and you will remain at risk of falling back into the trap for the rest of your life.

There are many stressful situations from which you might see drinking as an escape: a family row, pressure at work, even financial problems. You can take yourself away, gaze into the bottom of a glass and put your problems out of your mind. But sooner or later you have to return to the real world and, surprise, surprise, the problems are still there. In fact, they’ve usually got worse.

Remember, you didn’t feel the need or desire to drink until you started. It was drinking that created the addiction, not the other way round.