Marketing Skills: Al Ries and Jack Trout teaches you 22 laws of marketing that people mostly ignore


It’s a perfect book for people, who don’t want to waste time on every detail that marketing has to offer. It’s like a 80/20 book about marketing: only the most impactful laws to focus on. Following these principles you will avoid the most common mistakes, helping you to start your own business or ask smart marketing questions.

After reading this book:

  • You will know what are the seemingly obvious marketing mistakes that companies make
  • What are the marketing laws that successful companies follow
  • You’ll be blown away by the mistakes your company makes

Laws I’m using on this blog

The first half of the book talks about the importance of being first in a category. If you own your category, marketing becomes enjoyable. Competing in other brands categories makes it impossible to come on top: you have to start with changing peoples minds (and at the same time beat other company’s marketing strategies)—overwriting that position will take ages or have the opposite effect of being authentic.

Like most blogs, my blog is about books. Are there any categories left to take? If you haven’t found a blog about the best skill books, then I probably found a category I can compete in. Had I chosen the best books category, I would have nothing specific to get a seat in people’s minds—it sounds like a non-category, sadly many try to own it. What helped me zoom in and choose something specific, is knowing my WHY. Thanks to this book I know it now: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.

Laws I’m planning to use on this blog

After you find your category, you have to know what NOT to do with it. The biggest warnings are related to expansion: subcategories and coating your new plans with the successful category.

Let’s say I want to expand the learning possibilities and start posting about the best courses, movies or people, that can improve your skills. I can’t do it on the current site, because I would break several marketing laws (like the ones I mentioned before). I’d have to make a new and separate site to do this.


What I learned from this book, is that marketing is a category game. Find your category and don’t try to expand it. The worst thing you can do is to enter a category that is already taken and has a firm grip in the consumers mind.